Do you long to discover your unique purposes and abilities you never knew you had? Do you want to build confidence to face any obstacle that comes your way? Have you wondered how you can invite unimaginable blessings into your life? In his groundbreaking book, MARCHING TOWARD YOUR PURPOSE, and followed up with RUNNING TOWARD YOUR PURPOSE Dr. Darryl L. Jones reveals a simple yet profound truth that can help you attain your purpose and dreams: How you move toward your purpose can determine your destiny. When you “March and Run Toward Your Purpose, you will find yourself ready to Drive Toward Your Purpose which will allow you the opportunity to control your success or failure. Again, Dr. Darryl L. Jones offers a practical tool that will help you harness YOUR PURPOSE and become who God made you to be–an amazing, original masterpiece chosen by God to do great things. Prepared for both individual and group use, this book provide a list of words to stimulate your thoughts into purpose. No matter what challenges or troubles you’re facing today, you can choose to rise up and invite God’s purpose into your life by DRIVING TOWARD YOUR PURPOSE!

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